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Supersweat svita og brennslu salvi

Supersweat svita og brennslu salvi

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SuperSweat is a heat-activated thermogenic gel-salve that creates a breathable barrier & accelerates sweating and greater caloric burn in the applied area. 

  • Increases sweat & enhances calorie burn.
  • Target's slow-to-respond problem.
  • Helps to accelerate warm-up.
  • The clean fragrance will keep you smelling fresh during and after your workout.

DIRECTIONS:  Before exercise, fitness activity training, entering a sauna, RedFit Room or Cocoon Fitness pod, apply SuperSweat topical gel-salve to the skin surface while coating all desired areas without rubbing in. Only apply a thin coat- a little goes a long way!  SuperSweat is activated by your body heat & elevated heart rate and works to maximize best results during cardio, high-intensity interval training, high heat Cocoon Fitness Pod and infrared sauna sessions. REMOVAL: After exercise and the normal "cool down” period, towel off SuperSweat first before showering. Super

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