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Sebo Care krem fyrir bólótta húð

Sebo Care krem fyrir bólótta húð

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'Weyer Goose Active Line Cosmeceuticals – Sebo Care A high-quality enzyme nursing in toward impurities Skin with active ingredients glucose Oxydase Lacto peroxidase tea tree oil Azulen extracts of ivy and Comfrey Sebo Care is a 24 hours Care for prone to impurities, oily skin. The extracts are used for calming of inflammatory skin. They are known for their antiseptic inflate and effects. Ivy extract is known for its detoxifying effects, so you can laden harmful substances to be excreted. vehicles. The, peroxidase and the glucose oxidase form an active complex of enzymes. This complex the bacterial flora the jacket to be assist sitting up and shading the end of the lens to protect the physiological cause of acne and inflammatory skin and fighting. Sebo Care is capitalised with sebaceous glands and Unterfunktion. As well as the to dry skin surface is an signs for a gestörten acid protective layer. Use/tips the skin care The Impurities neigenden and oily skin begins with a thorough cleaning. It with cleansing balm for the skin gently, yet thoroughly cleaned and mild tonisiert. In the selection of the cleaning is make sure that the alcohol content is low. The practical pump dispenser is hygienic and economical use. Sebo Care The skin acts as a 24-hour care and is applied to a face, neck and décolleté and short massaged. The sensitive usually dry eye area should be done with eye life on a daily basis. Used under bearings or "Spots can be applied Sebo Care can also be selectively.

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