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OnlySmile Tannhvíttunarsett

OnlySmile Tannhvíttunarsett

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Coffee, tea, red wine and tobacco leave their marks on our teeth in the long term. The natural whiteness of teeth is clouded by a gray-yellow veil and the smile becomes increasingly difficult. With the teeth whitening system from OnlySmile® you can regain your radiance easily, safely and painlessly!

This set contains everything you need to start whitening right away. It is also suitable for beginners who have not yet had any experience with whitening at home.

The set includes:
1 x OnlySmile® mouth splint
1 x OnlySmile® Active Pro LED lamp
1 x OnlySmile® tooth whitening gel in original size (40 ml)
1 x charging plug + micro USB cable
1 x user manual


The teeth whitening gel is applied to the mouth splint. Then you insert the rail and switch on the blue LED light. After 30 minutes of use, rinse your mouth out and examine your result. For first-time applications with severe discoloration, we recommend two applications in a row. The tooth whitening gel contained is sufficient for up to 10 treatments.

The whitening gel is the main player in teeth whitening. Therefore, make sure that the gel reaches each of your teeth and that no areas remain dry. A mirror can be of great help to you. The LED lamp activates the teeth whitening gel and speeds up the process. So your smile will be radiantly beautiful again!

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