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Infrarauða vörur

Infrarautt fyrir háls

Infrarautt fyrir háls

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Heated Neck Wrap with tourmaline beads for Neck Pain Relief, UTK Far Infrared Electric Weighted Neck Heating pad for Neck Pain, Hot Pack for Real Time Pain Relief, portable Heat Neck Warme with Auto shut Off

1. Fits Your Neck Comfortably - Neck heating wrap fits the bill, Has a soft fabric-Crystal Velvet and Tourmaline beads filling, great job staying close to the neck. The straps make it really adjustable.

2. Effective and Relief Neck Pain - Neck wraps are great for relieving neck pain, constant stiffness and muscle soreness, it helps long term to stretch your neck, especially if the area was stiff.

3 .Heats Up Fast and Hot Enough – 3 different heat settings are depending on what you need. Heats up fast and fits body perfectly. Focuses the heat between shoulder blades and up the neck, heats evenly anywhere it touches and heats deeply.

4. Easy Use Mini Controller - Compare with other neck braces, UTK neck cervical collar features a mini controller, The temp can be adjusted from 104 to 140 degrees, This Infrared Heating neck scarf is 12v DC voltage to guarantee EMF Free.

Product Specification:

  1. Product Size: 28 x 7.8 inch

  2. Heating Power: 110-220 Volts, 7 Watts

  3. Belt Material: Tourmalnie

  4. Auto Shut-Off Time: 240 minutes by 15 minutes increments


HEAT Temp and Time Settings:

Low-temperature range (110°F~120°F)/(43.3°C~48.8°C)

Medium-temperature range (125°F ~135°F)/(51.6°C~57.2°C)

High-temperature range (145°F~155°F)/(62.7°C~68.3°C)

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