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Cleansing Foam pH 4.5 Normalising Anti-Acne Spot & Scars

Cleansing Foam pH 4.5 Normalising Anti-Acne Spot & Scars

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Normalizing and brightening cleansing foam pH 4.5. It regulates and reduces the secretion of sebum, eliminates discolorations and acne scars.

The foam has a holistic regenerating and rejuvenating effect on the skin. Gently cleanses the skin and at the same time helps to maintain the proper pH to strengthen the protective effect of the skin barrier against bacteria, UV damage, aging.

It is intended for removing makeup and cleansing oily, mixed, seborrheic skin with impaired sebum secretion and with symptoms of acne vulgaris.


  • oily, acne skin
  • Mixed skin
  • post-inflammatory discolorations and scars
  • skin with irritation and signs of inflammatory changes

Effects of action

  • reduction of post-inflammatory pigmentation changes, regulation of melanogenesis
  • regulation of sebum secretion, reduction of pores and symptoms of inflammation
  • stimulation of the enzymatic activity of sirtuins and cellular cleansing
  • detoxification, renewal and repair of damage caused by: free radicals, smog, chemicals, bacteria
  • strengthening the skin barrier function - improving integrity
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