Pink Glow Mesotherapy

Pink Glow Mesotherapy

Pink Glow Mesotherapy


Pink Glow is an advanced cocktail that has over 50 active ingredients. This preparation improves skin tone and firmness, moisturizes, neutralizes the action of free radicals, brightens and strongly nourishes. It is administered using the needle mesotherapy technique, i.e. through injections into the skin. To make the whole procedure more comfortable, the procedure is preceded by local anesthesia. What's more, the Pink Glow treatment can be applied to the face (also around the eyes), neck, cleavage and hands.

An important component of the preparation used in this therapy is glutathione, which, by inhibiting the action of melanin, has a positive effect on reducing discolorations, brightening the skin and restoring its healthy shade. In addition, it is a strong antioxidant that, among others, neutralizes free oxygen radicals, thanks to which it has an anti-wrinkle effect. In turn, hyaluronic acid, contained in the Pink Glow ampoule, is responsible for binding water in the dermis, ensuring better hydration and elasticity. In addition, the preparation contains a whole complex of amino acids, coenzymes, minerals and vitamins, as well as peptides. Thanks to this, it has a nourishing effect and increases the synthesis of collagen and elastin, which results in, among others, reduces fine wrinkles and prevents the formation of new ones.

Who is the Pink Glow treatment for?

We recommend it especially to people with tired and dull skin that lacks natural glow. The treatment will also work well in reducing shadows under the eyes and discoloration caused by the sun, post-acne or hormonal. In addition, Pink Glow will be used in therapies aimed at improving weak skin tension and hydration, as well as in anti-aging prevention.


  •  short recovery time
  •  brightens and brightens the skin
  •  has an effect on the inhibition of melanin (reduces discoloration)
  •  comprehensively nourishes the skin
  •  is effective in anti-aging prophylaxis


  •  reduces discoloration and unifies the color
  •  increases skin hydration
  •  increases the synthesis of collagen and elastin
  •  improves skin tone and elasticity
  •  has a positive effect on dark circles under the eyes

The course of the procedure

  •  thorough cleansing of the skin
  •  anesthesia of the area covered by the procedure
  •  disinfection of the treated area
  •  pink glow injection

The Pink Glow treatment, which gives the best results, usually consists of about 3 treatments in the office, carried out at intervals of 4 weeks. Depending on the needs and condition of the skin, the therapy can be repeated once every six months or once a year (to maintain the achieved effects).

Procedure after the treatment:

  •  do not use colored cosmetics for about 48 hours, avoid clusters of bacteria, do not touch the skin in the area subjected to the treatment, do not use the sauna and swimming pool, and do not engage in intense physical exercise,
  •  do not expose the skin to direct sunlight for about 4 weeks and use creams with a high sunscreen,
  •  cosmetics used after the treatment should be moisturizing,
  •  in the case of redness of the skin, preparations with aloe, allantoin or panthenol can be used, and in the case of bruises or hematomas - preparations with arnica.


  •  pregnancy, breastfeeding period
  •  bacterial, fungal, viral infections (including active herpes)
  •  rosacea
  •  tendency to scarring
  •  uncontrolled diabetes (more than 160 mg)
  •  antibiotic therapy
  •  taking anti-inflammatory and painkillers
  •  taking blood thinners (anticoagulants)
  •  autoimmune diseases (RA, Hashimoto's, vitiligo, psoriasis, multiple sclerosis, lupus erythematosus) (with the doctor's consent)
  •  allergies
  •  cancer, anti-cancer therapy (with the doctor's consent)
  •  aesthetic medicine treatments (within the last 6 months)
  •  blood diseases (HIV, hepatitis C)
  •  epilepsy

This treatment is most often combined with

  • acid exfoliation
  • PRX-T33

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