Ejal40 – Skin Booster (hyaluron sýra) 

Ejal40 inniheldur hreina hyaluron sýru sem sem er ekki krossbundin og því frábrugðin fylliefnum að því leyti að hún dreifir sér í húðina og styrkir hana. Ejal40 örvar trefjafrumur húðarinnar í að framleiða meira kollagen og elastín og boostar hana upp af raka, húðin verður því sléttari og þéttari. Minnkar hrukkur, gefur ljóma, veitir húðinni teygjanleika og gefur henni fallegt yfirbragð.


Mælt er með að taka 3 meðferðir með ca 2 vikna millibili til þess að ná hámarksárangri. Til aðviðhalda árangri er ráðlagt að koma í eina meðferð á mánaða fresti



EJAL40 is a modern method developed by scientists with the help of renowned research centers in Italy. Its purpose is to effectively reduce the signs of skin aging.


The Ejal 40 formula promotes the formation of new collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid fibers, thus rebuilding the skin structure and improving its density.


The preparation includes the latest generation of hyaluronic acid with an average molecular weight of 1200-1800 kDaltons, which allows the reconstruction of the extracellular matrix by stimulating the activity of fibroblasts. The treatment reintegrates the level of hyaluronic acid (HA), actively counteracting its loss due to natural aging processes.


Highly concentrated, innovative hyaluronic acid with an optimal molecular weight and a special 4-point bio-revitalization technique make the effects of the treatment - a modeled, rejuvenated face - fast, clear and lasting.


The treatment, thanks to the applied 5-point bio-revitalization technique, allows you to quickly restore the lost face contour and the necessary physiological functions of the skin, while ensuring a low risk of pain and bruising.


Ejal 40 - effects

  • smoothing wrinkles and reducing signs of skin aging
  • restoring optimal physiological functions of the skin
  • reconstruction of the lost face oval
  • improved skin tension and elasticity
  • neutralization of skin sagging
  • bio-revitalization of dry and dehydrated skin
  • strengthening the extracellular matrix of the skin


Indications for the Ejal 40 procedure

  • skin sagging, wrinkles
  • dehydrated or dry skin
  • skin with signs of aging
  • skin exposed to UV radiation, air conditioning or other environmental factors
  • skin with stretch marks or wrinkles
  • discolored skin
  • willingness to undergo other procedures that require the use of a filler


Ejal 40 - the course of the procedure


Ejal 40 is a revitalizing product that restores the physiological functions of skin exposed to environmental factors, flabby, with signs of aging.


The preparation is administered with an innovative 4-point bio-revitalization technique, which consists in applying the product in four specific points, symmetrically on both sides of the face.


The use of this technique allows you to minimize the risk of bruising and pain. The procedure, during which the cosmetologist will apply hyaluronic acid with a molecular weight of 1200-1800 kDaltons, takes about 30 minutes.


The frequency of performing the Ejal 40 procedure


Ejal 40 is a treatment that effectively restores the physiological functions of the skin and improves skin tension and elasticity. In order to achieve the effect of comprehensive skin rejuvenation, it is recommended to perform the treatment from the first signs of aging. The recommended frequency varies depending on the severity of the aging process and age.


For people aged 35+


It is recommended to carry out 2-3 treatments every month, then one treatment every 3-4 months. For optimal results, it is recommended to repeat this regimen at least once a year.


For people aged 45+


It is recommended to carry out 3 treatments every month, then once a quarter. For best results, it is recommended to repeat this regimen at least once a year.




  • pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • infection or injury at the treatment site
  • tendency to form kepoids and hypertrophic scars
  • allergies
  • allergic to any of the ingredients of the preparation
  • autoimmune skin diseases (psoriasis, collagenoses)
  • diabetes
  • cancers
  • diseases that require the use of blood thinners


Ejal 40 - questions and answers


Ejal 40 - for whom?

The treatment can be performed by people who want to comprehensively improve the appearance of the skin, eliminate the signs of aging and restore the lost contour of the face. Ejal 40 is also a great alternative for people who are afraid of needles and syringes.

The cosmetologist will perform only 10 injections, and the effects after the treatment are comparable to traditional mesotherapy, during which as many as 60 injections are made. It is a safe procedure, however, it is recommended to carefully check whether there are any contraindications.


What will the skin look like immediately after the treatment?

The effects of using the preparation, such as improving the appearance of the skin, rebuilding the lost face contour, revitalization and elimination of signs of aging, are visible almost immediately.

 Immediately after the procedure, however, redness, bruising or slight swelling may appear in the places where the preparation was applied



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