Casmara INFINITY TREATMENT Eilífðaræska 80 mín

Casmara INFINITY TREATMENT Eilífðaræska 80 mín

A new holistic cosmetics concept that acts beyond the structure of the skin, achieving extraordinary results. INFINITY is the first facial rejuvenation treatment which combines neurocosmetics, genomics, epigenetics, chrono-cosmetics, wellness and regenerative cosmetics.

Innovative treatment for age 50+ with ultra-rejuvenating action-acting directly on DNA, the expression of genes, the nervous system and circadian rhythms (chrono-cosmetics), this helping fight aging from the very beginning in an extremely effective way.

ETERNAL BEAUTY: Extraordinary active ingredient that slows down the aging process while visibly reducing the facial signs of aging.

CHARDONNAY GRAPE EXTRACT: Innovative active ingredient restoring skin youthness.

MELATONIN: intense perfecting effect and wellbeing.

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