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Niacinamide & Gaba Boost-Serum Advanced Recovery Wrinkle Filler

Niacinamide & Gaba Boost-Serum Advanced Recovery Wrinkle Filler

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Niacinamide and GABA are the two most important active ingredients of Boost-Serum. Niacinamide is a form of vitamin B₃ with the characteristics of a strong antioxidant that has a wide rejuvenating effect and strengthens the functioning and condition of the skin. GABA - gamma-aminobutyric acid is a neuroactive rejuvenating ingredient for immediate and long-term reduction of wrinkles and renewal of collagen, hydration and skin barrier.

The active ingredients include brightening Mela-Ginseng - Korean ginseng extract, Vitamin D Booster, Vecticell C - an encapsulated vitamin C complex, vitamin E and allantoin. The active formula is supplemented with valuable ingredients of marine origin, such as marine collagen, marine elastin and marine glycogen. Moisturizing and soothing effect is provided by hyaluronic acid and quinoa extract.

Serum with niacinamide and GABA acid - recommendations and indications:

  • signs of aging, wrinkles, lack of firmness and elasticity
  • dry skin with weakened barrier functions
  • skin with hyperkeratinization, rough, cracking
  • signs of photoaging, discoloration, yellow or gray color

Effects of action

  • renewal and regeneration of the skin of the face, neck and cleavage
  • reduction of wrinkles and furrows
  • regulation of keratinization
  • normalization of sebum production
  • improvement of elasticity and firmness
  • smoothing and moisturizing
  • brightening of discolorations
  • restoring a healthy color
  • works as an antioxidant
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