Colladew Ateokolagen 3%

Colladew Ateokolagen 3%

Colladew Ateokolagen 3%

is a preparation based on a type I collagen derivative, designed to reduce wrinkles and improve tissue volume.

• regeneration,
• improving flexibility,
• wrinkle reduction,
• stimulation of collagen synthesis,
• volume recovery,
• regeneration,
• narrowing of the pores,
• brightening,
• giving shine,
• color equalization.
• High security profile KFDA certification

the safety of using the preparation is guaranteed by the KFDA organization, which sets the highest production standards.

99% biocompatibility with natural collagen

due to the high biocompatibility of ateocollagen, which structurally resembles natural collagen, it increases the safety of use and does not require skin tests.

Possibility of combining treatments in combination therapies

the effect of Colladew makes it possible to combine it with other mesotherapy products, thanks to which the post-treatment effects are even more perfect and more precise.

Strengthening the action of polynucleotides

the properties of ateocollagen enable even more effective activation of polynucleotides.

Application areas:
• forehead wrinkles,
• around the eyes,
• nasolabial folds,
• marionette lines,
• neck.

Ateocollagen 3% - responsible for elasticity, firmness and hydration of the skin.
Frequency of treatments:
For optimal results:

2-3 sessions every 30 days,
follow-up session after 4 months.
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